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Germany (24hr) +49 2203 9557666   |   Hong Kong (24hr) +852 2148 9068   |   USA (24hr) +1 888 592 1168


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We work with multinational corporations and financial institutions to provide secure on board courier solutions for confidential documents and special consignments. We specialise in time-critical shipments – from contracts and legal documents, to credit cards and passports for executives travelling overseas.

Unlike regular express services, you have peace of mind knowing the courier will personally escort the package from collection to the final delivery – immediately returning signed copies of the documents if required.


If you need to move business-critical technology quickly, our on board courier service can assist you in delivering your cargo safely to locations worldwide.

With data security being an essential part of modern business, we can collect and securely transport all types of equipment including computing components, smartphones, hard drives and other data storage devices – with the courier accompanying the consignment at all times.