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Why is Real-Time Tracking Important for An On Board Courier (OBC)?

The extreme importance of delivering On Board Courier (OBC) shipments in a safe and secure manner means that the shipper is also eager to know the status of the shipment. That’s why real-time tracking is so important. Not all OBC providers offer real-time tracking, but Chapman Freeborn OBC offers package tracking. In addition to the regular updates you receive […]

What to Look for in the Best OBC Service…

OBC is an On Board Courier. An OBC service is the express, hand-delivered option for global transportation that you use when you need to deliver confidential documents or items. The service must be reliable, trusted, and absolutely confidential, but the delivery is also urgent. So, what do you look for in a great On Board Courier (OBC) service provider? Timing? Contingency […]

What Strategic Advantage Does OBC Give You?

An On Board Courier service can give any company a strategic advantage, but what does that really mean? What benefits allow your company the edge that will ensure future success? Ultimately, how does that strategic advantage give you a leg up compared to your competition? What is Strategic Advantage? Strategic advantage is something that helps […]

A day in the life of an on board courier

“No day is the same, and in the morning you never know what will happen throughout the day. In my job you always need a Plan B and C up your sleeve.”  Oliver Giesen, On Board Courier at Chapman Freeborn OBC GmbH, grants an exclusive insight behind the scenes of the transportation service company. Logistics specialist, Oliver […]

The weird and wonderful world of on board courier services [Infographic]

In recent blog posts we’ve highlighted how on board courier (OBC) cargo services help to keep industries like the automotive and electronics sectors running on schedule, with time-critical shipments of manufacturing materials. This week we take a look at some examples of the more unusual hand-carry cargo our on board couriers transport on flights around the world. […]