Germany (24hr) +49 2203 9557666   |   Hong Kong (24hr) +852 2148 9068   |   USA (24hr) +1 888 592 1168
Germany (24hr) +49 2203 9557666   |   Hong Kong (24hr) +852 2148 9068   |   USA (24hr) +1 888 592 1168

Become an OBC

Thank you for your interest in becoming an on board courier. If you are an experienced courier or would like to register your interest in working for us, please visit our on board courier portal by clicking the button below and completing the registration form*.

Experience the benefits of being an on board courier

We asked some of our experienced couriers what they love about being an on board courier. Here’s what they had to say…

No day is the same

“No day is the same, and in the morning you never know what will happen throughout the day. In my job you always need a Plan B and C up your sleeve.”

Every project holds different challenges

“No day resembles another and every project holds different challenges. One job could involve shipping automotive parts to Mexico, another might require a round-the-world trip. As an On Board Courier, you should be ready for anything and you should be able to cope with every situations, no matter how stressful they can be.”

Three main character qualities

“The three main character qualities that an on board courier needs are flexibility, talent in organisation, and capacity.”

It never gets boring

“I particularly appreciate the variety in my job, it never gets boring. Within the team everybody can rely on one another. A good team spirit is extremely important for such a demanding profession, and it facilitates the smooth handling of deliveries.”

*You must be aged at least 18 years or older, with an active credit card, a valid passport and any up-to-date visas is an advantage.