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Some Advice from Veteran Time Travelers

Our Chapman Freeborn On Board Couriers expertly manage ‘time travel’ on tight turnaround schedules, but when traveling for more than a day or two, they suggest adding these techniques: Cut down on sugar and alcohol at least three days prior to your flight. Start drinking more water three days before you fly. Three nights prior […]

Chapman Freeborn OBC Adapting to the challenges that the pandemic presents

Since the start of the pandemic, Chapman Freeborn OBC has delivered over 2 tons of time-critical shipments and has travelled over 431,000 km and counting! We are helping our customers navigate the challenges the pandemic presents every day. Keeping our couriers and our customer’s shipments safe is our top priority. Watch the video to find […]

Chapman Freeborn OBC delivers the first international hand-carry shipment into South Africa after lockdown eases

Following the news that travel restrictions in South Africa would be easing from 1st October 2020, the Chapman Freeborn OBC team received an urgent request to deliver a hand-carry shipment from Chicago to Johannesburg via Frankfurt. The first challenge the team had to face was to find a courier who could travel from USA into […]