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Germany (24hr) +49 2203 9557666   |   Hong Kong (24hr) +852 2148 9068   |   USA (24hr) +1 888 592 1168
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Last Minute Options Mean a Great Courier Service

There are a lot of things customers look for in a quality courier service, and one of the most important aspects of that service is the ability to send something last minute, no matter where it needs to go. An on board courier (OBC) that is serious about what it does and how it helps […]

Your Documents and Valuable Items Deserve Hand-Carry Treatment

You should never settle for less than you deserve, and that is true of everything in life. One area where many people often settle for less is in the shipping of important documents or items. They may simply put documents in the mail, or send their item through one of the standard shipping companies. While […]

Expanding OBC Services: What You Need to Know

Companies expand all the time, and the move usually involves a combination of smart business sense and deepening customer service capabilities. For On Board Courier¬†services, like Chapman Freeborn OBC, the benefit runs a bit deeper than that. It’s driven by the real-time requirements of a global client base, but also by a dedication to improve […]