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Katowice operation launched to meet rising demand for hand-carry and aircraft charter services

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new office in Katowice to meet increased demand for our specialist services in Poland, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. Chapman Freeborn has appointed Daniel Walaszek as general manager for the new Katowice business, with responsibility for expanding our company’s aircraft charter and on board courier (OBC) […]

Mexico on board courier services driven by automotive sector boom

This week we take a look at why Mexico is one of the most exciting emerging markets for on board courier shipments – fuelled by the acceleration of the country’s automotive manufacturing industry. Mexico’s low labour costs, favourable trade agreements and obvious geographical advantages make it a highly-attractive option for automotive manufacturers looking to gain […]

On board courier completes round-the-world assignment in 4 days

Our On board courier (OBC) team in Cologne recently organised a hand carry operation that involved a full circle route around the globe. An on board courier completed the 24,605 mile journey in 4 days, travelling through 8 airports in 3 continents – a distance equivalent to travelling the full circumference of the Earth at the equator. As […]

Chapman Freeborn OBC targets North Sea energy market for hand-carry services

We’re delighted to announce the further expansion of our global on board courier (OBC) business with the launch of a new Aberdeen-based hand-carry team dedicated to serving the North Sea energy market. Chapman Freeborn’s OBC service provides door-to-door transportation solutions to connect businesses to markets worldwide – with dedicated hand-carry couriers accompanying shipments every step […]

A day in the life of an on board courier

“No day is the same, and in the morning you never know what will happen throughout the day. In my job you always need a Plan B and C up your sleeve.”  Oliver Giesen, On Board Courier at Chapman Freeborn OBC GmbH, grants an exclusive insight behind the scenes of the transportation service company. Logistics specialist, Oliver […]