Advantages of on board courier / hand carry


Of Chapman Freeborn On Board Courier

Advantages of On Board Courier

For when you need a professional on board courier for your most important shipments

There are many advantages to using the extensive global network of Chapman Freeborn’s on board courier / hand carry service. You have direct access to the on board courier / hand carry team at any time as we don’t work through a call centre. We take care of all organisational procedures, such as immigration requirements and booking additional modes of transport.

Whether it is one envelope or 30 boxes the collection and delivery of your goods is carried out by fully trained and dedicated OBC / hand carry couriers, with reduced border delays and ongoing status reports with immediate notification on delivery.

From your desk to the recipient, it’s in our hands

Our on board courier / hand carry team is available to you via telephone and email around the clock – keeping you involved every step of the way

Traditional express service providers transfer your shipment through many hands, often leading to miscommunication, error and loss. With Chapman Freeborn On Board Courier, your dedicated hand carry courier accompanies your shipment from pick up to delivery straight to the recipient. Our fully insured, trained hand carry couriers are strategically located throughout the world and many of them have passports and visas for countries that are traditionally very difficult to access.

What’s more, you can track the progress of your shipment at any time by using our online tracking system.